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How To Choose a Good Electrician

So you have booked or booking an electrician - did you know unfortunately we are not all equal.  Worse than that it is very hard to know whether the electrical contractor you have chosen is the best of the best or just a dud!  We are going to give you some tips on what to ask and look out for when choosing your electrical contractor in Brisbane.


Firstly it is important to ensure that your electrician is appropriately licenced to carry out the work you require.  The individual that is carrying out your electrical work must have a full electrical mechanics licence - this will allow them to carry out all facets of electrical work required at your business or home.  The company that you have engaged and the company the individual works for must have an electrical contractors licence.  An electrical contractors licence ensures that they have appropriate insurance for the licence they hold and also as a company they have completed extra qualifications on running a business.  You can do a licence check by asking the business or person or by going to the Electrical Safety Website.

Licence Check

Presentation and cleanliness:

It's usually a good sign that you have an electrician that takes pride in their work if they present in a clean and tidy manner.  A reputable electrical contractor around Brisbane will be in uniform displaying their company name and their vehicles should be sign written.  At Just-In Time Electrical we go one step further - we have purchased for each of our work vehicles a door mat, drop sheets, clean boots and a vacuum cleaner.  I can guarantee you that we are one of the cleanest electricians out there.

Installation and Compliance:

All electrical work is required to comply with the standards most general electrical work comes under the AS3000 which is know by reputable electrical contractors as the bible.  It provides vital information regarding installation, specification and verification of an electrical installation.  If you electrician does not have access to this standard it is likely that they don't know what it contains.  Even experienced electricians carry this document so they can reference back to it.  Ask your electrician if they have theirs handy?  The AS3000 sets out all the requirements for testing and verification of the electrical installation and this is one of the most important parts of doing electrical work.

Testing and Verification:

Unfortunately it is not a given that your electrician is going to test their work and there is some argument that a good electrician shouldn't't make any mistakes - well that's like saying a doctor shouldn't't leave a sponge in during surgery.  It shouldn't't happen but we all make mistakes from time to time and more importantly we also need to check the integrity of the existing electrical work.  You never know who has been there before and what they have done.  The only way to pick up on these mistakes is by using a testing procedure - and the AS3000 has one.  It sets out the testing requirements for electrical work prior to connection to supply.  These tests are:

  • Insulation Resistance - tests the integrity of the insulation between conductors
  • Earth Continuity - tests to ensure the earth cable is continuous
  • Polarity - tests to ensure the correct connection of cables
  • RCD testing - Tests to ensure that the safety switch will trip at the correct current within the required time
  • Fault Loop Impedance - Tests to ensure that in the event of a fault enough current will flow to trip the circuit breaker protection



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