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    Rod Askew3 months ago

    Excellent job getting the lights right before we put our house on the market. Arrived at the time they promised... read more

    Ashley Cook4 months ago

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  • Ashley Cook4 months ago

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    trevor1004594 months ago

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    G Hammo6 months ago

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    Nongkhlaw Reagan6 months ago

    These guys are best in the business.

  • Audrey Napier6 months ago

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    Sue Jeffrey6 months ago

    Very prompt and very helpful in explaining the situation. I would recommend and use them again.

    Sue Bickmore6 months ago

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    Justin was very prompt and arrived exactly on time. He was very cordial and helpful. Will definately use Just-In-Time again!

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    quick response and excellent service, highly recommend them!

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    Trevor Gaffel2 years ago

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    Andrew the Electrician who actually did my work...
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Switchboard Upgrade Experts In Brisbane

Your home relies on its switchboard to keep all necessary electrical currents running to the right places. Without a properly functioning electric switchboard for home, your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and more can get cut off from power. This means no air conditioning, refrigerator, lights and other essential parts of your home. Not only that, but faulty systems can lead to electrical fires or injury.

If you’ve been having issues with your switchboard, it’s likely that your home has an outdated SERF, or semi-enclosed rewirable fuse, board. Some homes in Brisbane are equipped with this older technology. Rather than struggling to repair blown fuse after blown fuse on your own, you deserve an electrical switchboard upgrade.

Many homeowners have made the electrical upgrade to a switchboard with a combination of safety switches and circuit breakers, also known as an RCBO. These systems provide protection against earth leakage, over-currents and short circuits, allowing you peace of mind over the safety of your electricals. This also means you’ll need fewer repairs in the future after it’s been installed. With the right expert electrician, you can save hundreds of dollars on repairs with the simple one-time investment of installing a brand-new switchboard.

Looking for Local Switchboard Upgrade Experts?

So – what are you waiting for? If you’re searching for a switchboard upgrade in Brisbane, look no further than our electrical experts at Just-In Time Electrical. With more than nine years of experience as a Brisbane electrical company, and over 30 years of combined experience as electricians, we have the expertise you need when installing a new switchboard in your home.

Our process for an electrical switchboard domestic upgrade starts with a safety inspection. We will assess your current system and determine whether or not it needs more fuses added or if it needs a complete upgrade. If your system isn’t in too poor of shape, adding more fuses can redistribute the electricity that each fuse has to handle, making it safer and less likely to blow out. However, if your switchboard is particularly old, outdated or over-worked, it may require complete replacement. If it indeed does need to be replaced, we will assess what type of system will work best for your home. Then, we will remove the old system and install your new switchboard safely.

It is imperative that you call a licensed and trained expert electrician like our staff here at Just-In Time Electrical in order to complete this project. Attempting to replace or even repair a switchboard by yourself can lead to dangerous or even deadly electric shock. Do not take that chance: leave this job up to the experts.

Contact Us Today!

If you would like more information about our switchboard replacement services at Just-In Time Electrical, give us a call. We’re happy tell you more about our services, advise you on new products, discuss our policies, and give you a transparent upfront quote. Don’t put this important project off any longer and call us for a quote today!




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